Seasonal Cocktails

This is an Ex-Pear – $10

In the famous Monty Python “Parrot Sketch” John Cleese’s character walks into a pet shop to return a dead Norwegian Blue parrot. The pet shop owner insists that he is sleeping, but as demonstrated by bashing it on the counter, that parrot isn’t waking up. We toast to this classic sketch with an old fashioned featuring Great Northern Opportunity Rum and spiced pear.





The Midnight Society – $11

In Are You Afraid of the Dark, the kids of the Midnight Society would gather around a fire in the woods to share their terrifying tales. This s’mores martini is sweet and smoky, so gather ‘round, roast your marshmallow and spin a spooky tale of your own.





Callsign Starbuck – $9.50

A basic bitch she ain’t, but considering Katee Sackoff described Kara Thrace a girl who drinks most of her calories, the Battlestar Galactica badass would surely get down with this sweet, rich, and boozy pumpkin spice latte. “What do, Captain?” “Same thing we always do chief…Drink ‘em until we can’t.”






My Special Agent – $11

Twin Peaks, high school girl, Audrey Horne develops a pretty serious crush on FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper. In trying to help him investigate the death of her friend Laura, Audrey gets a job at One Eyed Jack’s casino (and brothel). To prove she deserves the position, she ties a cherry stem in a knot with her tongue. Sip this twist on a classic Vesper (James Bond’s favorite drink) while you have some clandestine escapades of your own.




Love Isn’t Brains, it’s Blood – $9

Good old Spike, always falling in love with someone and then threatening to torture them until they love him back. Our tribute to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer antihero is a complex but likable Cranberry Collins.






Mezcal of Cthulhu – $11

Just because Cthulhu is a Cosmic Demon with an octopus for a face, doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to have a good time. In the game Cthulhu Wars, the Yellow Sign’s Passion ability, gives the player energy when a cultist dies. Here, we sacrifice delicious passion fruit and smoky agave to Cthulhu so your cutists can stay intact.





Bumblebee Hot Toddy – $10

#1 Transformers little buddy and mascot, Bumblebee is always trying to prove himself to his friends, and takes big risks to show his worth. It’s a shame the Autobots couldn’t whip up this Domeloz hot toddy when Bumblebee’s voice was lost in battle, but if you’re feeling a little hoarse, honey, lemon, and distilled mead is just what Ratchet ordered.





Something Whiskey This Way Comes – $12

Mr. Dark, the mysterious antagonist in Ray Bradbury’s novel Something Wicked This Way Comes, invites the townspeople into a sinister carnival where their darkest fears are exposed. The centerpiece of this horror show is the carousel. This complex, spirit-forward cocktail lights up all the dark places of your palate and spins you around like you’re riding a carousel on an autumn night.




The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – $10

In most translations, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are regarded as War, Famine, Death, and Conquest. This offering of 4 moscow mules is a little more pleasant. The quote references Tombstone’s Johnny Ringo’s translation of words spoken by a Mexican priest witnessing a family being murdered at a wedding.

I told y’all this menu was spoopy.



Lestat’s Daughter – $4.50

What do you do when your idiot vampire padawan feeds on a desperate little girl and leaves her for dead? Well, if you’re Lestat, you make her into a vampire and now you have an undead pre-teen. Nice going, Lestat. This N/A cocktail is a tribute to the once innocent Claudia– creamy sweet coconut soda topped with blood red Luxardo syrup and cherries. Because, if you’re going to be 10 forever, you’re bound to get sick of Shirley Temples.

The Earl of Lemongrab – $5



Signature Cocktails

Ticket to Rye’d – $11

Bulleit Rye, Lillet Rouge, Averna
Think you’re being sneaky with that route from
LA to NYC? Think again.

Longest Road – $9.5

Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Marie Brizard Apry,
Iced Tea, Lemon Juice
Settlers of Catan:
Ruining perfectly good friendships since 1995.

Butterbeer – $9

Our top secret magical potion served on ice
with Sprecher Cream Soda
What happens at Slughorn’s Christmas Party
stays at Slughorn’s Christmas Party.

Arrakis Sunrise – $9.50

Infuse Mango Habanero Vodka, Peach Nectar,
Lime Juice, Sassafras Bitters
He who controls the spice controls the Universe.

Colossus and the Wanderer – $15
A Gigantic 32oz Mug of Blueberry Lager, Angry Orchard, Guinness Irish Stout paired with a shot of Leroux Blackberry Brandy
On the horizon, a hulking beast emerges from the mists…

Inspiration Token – $5
Treat your server or the kitchen to
a drink after their shift:
We stay sober while working, so you don’t have to.