Private Events

D&D players or groups interested in hosting a private event should make a reservation ( > Contact) and include in the notes that you’d like to run a roleplaying session. We will seat your reservation accordingly.

Day and time may dictate the duration of your reservation. For longer times, Weeknights and Weekend afternoons are suggested.

Public (Drop-In) Events

Every week, Dungeons Masters (DMs) should check in with the bar staff upon arrival.

This check-in allows us to:

  • Keep track of our number of D&D tables for the event
  • Note how many open seats are available

DMs may make use of the Pub Resources, listed below, intended to provide new players with materials and allow a DM to run a table without having prepared an adventure.

Pub Resources (Located in the lower level—board game wall)

  • Pre-generated characters (Levels 1 & 5)
  • Adventure Modules
  • 1” Grid paper
  • RPG Dice

(Please inform pub staff if any of these items need replenishing)

Table Capacity & Open Seats

  • DMs may set their table capacity at any number they wish.
  • DMs may also reserve any number of seats for regular players
  • However, at least THREE seats at each table MUST be open to the public.

DM Inspiration Tokens

  • Dungeons Masters receive inspiration tokens (good for $5 off at the pub) depending on their table attendance:
    • 4+ Players = 2 Inspiration Tokens