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Game-Tasters: Marvel Champions & AKA

December 5, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Oak & Shield Gaming Pub
$5—Seating is Limited!

Skip the rulebook. Skip the setup. Game Tasters is your ticket to better gaming!

The Game Tasters event series blends the knowledge and expertise of our Barrister game guides with the atmospheric charm of our Oak & Shield Pub’s downstairs lounge. Pull up a chair, meet some new friends, grab some from-scratch pub grub, and settle in for an evening of amazing gaming.

Each week, your guide will walk you and your fellow Game Tasters through the essentials of a new game. You’ll start playing in no time, and your guide will cover the game’s specific rules as they become needed. Once you have a taste for the game, we’ll move on to the next one!

Check-In: 6:30PM-7:00PM
Event Start: 7:00PM

Kids are welcome! The restaurant is All-Ages until 10PM.

Marvel Champions
In this web-slingin’, shield-bashin’, villain-smashin’ new card game, you and your fellow players will become the heroes of your choice! Each time you play, you’ll face off against a new villain in a unique and narrative scenario.

Marvel Champions is a Living Card Game, meaning new heroes, villains and challenges will emerge as future content releases. Before your next game, you’ll be able to tweak or completely rebuild your hero deck to better prepare for the challenges ahead!

AKA (Also Known As)
We bet you know the movie, “Insomnia in the Pacific Northwest,” also known as… Sleepless in Seattle
How about those inventors, “The Correct Siblings,” also known as… The Wright Brothers 
Or the clothing garment, “Lengthy Stamoses,” also known as… Long Johns

You’ll be shocked at the AKA clues that click in your brain! Played in teams, each game of AKA comprises two rounds: the Main Round followed by the Final Round, where you’ll guess as many AKA clues as possible, all in a single category, such as Fruits: “Adam’s Protrusions” (Apple), “The New Black” (Orange), “Unable to Secretly Marry” (Cantaloupe), and more.

Registration is Online Only, and will close at 11:59PM on Wednesday, December 4.
Plus—your $5 Entry includes your seating, and grants you access to optional add-ons at the time of purchase:
• Get $10 off your Game Tasters tab for only $8
• Get $20 off your Game Tasters tab for only $15