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What Do You Meme Game Night

April 25, 2019 @ 7:00 pm
Oak & Shield Gaming Pub

Get ready for an irreverent game night of inappropriate proportions!

Sponsored by the beautiful minds at What Do You Meme

We’ll break out and play What Do You Meme, as well as two BRAND NEW games from the same creators:

  • 4-Bidden Words
    600 words in a box, along with 2400 4-bidden words that you won’t be able to use. How the hell do we tell Nancy that she’s “Four Loko” without saying, Drink, Alcohol, Caffeine, or Banned? Find out in 4-Bidden Words!
  • Buzzed—”The Drinking Game that Gets You and Your Friends Wasted”
    All the most innocuous elements of your life will come back to haunt you in this hilarious and merciless drinking game. Whether it’s the fact that you use Spotify instead of iTunes, your Netflix habits, or the way you take your coffee—nothing is holy in Buzzed!

Stick around for a few games, and you might be one of our lucky players to leave with a copy of the new games or What Do You Meme expansion pack!