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Mooncat Arcade Pop-Up Weekend

Mooncat Arcade is back at Oak and Shield in September for another weekend of indie games and custom arcades.

☆ New and unreleased titles!
☆ Drink Specials!
☆ Indie game tournament!
☆ DJ Dance party!

TV “Tap” Takeover
Games everywhere! Step down into the lower level 42 Lounge room to tour the roster with arcade sticks in hand, or grab a controller and play at the bar! Oak and Shield regularly offers console gameplay when you take a seat at the bar. For the September Mooncat weekend, the screens will be taken over with a special indie menu of titles. Consider it the indie game version of a tap takeover.

FRIDAY – Live DJ dance party

Live set by DJ duo Purple Bird (Don G Spak and JAGOKAAST) will be with us to keep the beats pumping and the party flowing. 42 Lounge downstairs will be ready for a full fledged indie game dance club.

SATURDAY – Indie gauntlet and Moon Fields tournament
More games in the lineup means more high scores to beat! Think you can beat the competition? Aim for the top, get your name on the board, and win some prizes!
Also in the mix, The Moon Fields is returning for another tournament bracket at 8pm. Sign up before go-time and battle to the top in the top-down sword and sorcery brawler.

Arcades are free to play, but whatever you do, please don’t lick them.
All ages until 10pm

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