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Puzzled Pint – July

Join us for the July Puzzled Pint event at the Oak & Shield Gaming Pub!

*Note: Puzzled Pint will be in the basement/42 Lounge space, as trivia will be held upstairs in Oak & Shield proper.

Puzzled Pint is a casual bar event for puzzle lovers that takes place the second Tuesday of each month. Puzzles include – but are not limited to – crosswords, word searches, cryptograms, jigsaw, word play and logic problems.

The Friday prior to the event, the location puzzle is posted at, which hints at the theme for the puzzles that month. This is a free event, so grab a team (or meet some new friends here) and check it out!

Game Control leaders Matt and Alex will be on hand with puzzle sets. They can also provide hints and guidance if you get stuck. Hints are always free!

There will be three to four puzzles, and a meta puzzle that is solved by using the answers from the previous puzzles. The fun is in solving the puzzles, but there is a leaderboard on the official Puzzled Pint website that displays team standings, updated monthly.

Check out the official Puzzled Pint website for more information.

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